Julio Marchi


Professional with 30+ years of hands-on-deck experience in Information Technology (IT) leadership roles, including 15+ years as a C-Level executive with proven success on a global scale.

Tactical changing agent identifying, qualifying, building consensus for - and implementing - technologies and solutions to enable enterprises to achieve strategic objectives.

Transformational executive leveraging strong business acumen able to translate enterprises' insights into successful organizational strategies.

Highly Specialized in managing IT groups and creating dependable Internet products.

Featured Experiences

Software Architect / Engineer

Internet products development visionary with vast experience in all aspects of digital applications construction: full-stack development (front and back-end), databases and data modelings, infrastructure, and advanced digital security and compliances. Highly specialized in the whole spectrum of web-based and SaaS products. Proven vast experience providing end-to-end service, from the infrastructure and servers to databases' design and implementation of UI/UX, resulting in fully-fledged platforms as user-facing web-based products. Experienced with Agile Methodologies and versatile in a multitude of server-side languages such as PHP, Python, NodeJS, etc. Highly knowledgeable about front-end technologies such as Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and most modern frameworks.

More than 36 Years Experience

C-Level Officer (CTO & CIO)

Experienced being solely responsible for the entire organization's IT. Complex budgets and high-profile contracts, IT and non-it teams, infrastructure design and maintenance overview, software development planning and execution, analysis and coordination of system integrations, advanced VoIP design, oversight of databases clusters, digital security planning based on HA and compliances, etc... A decision-maker/leader with a strong focus on the product's lifecycle (planning, requirements, and execution). Specialized in managing decentralized IT teams while building and maintaining multiple products based on different technology stacks. Experienced in hiring entire IT teams, qualifying and training individuals to succeed in alignment with companies' goals.

More than 15 Years Experience

Digital Marketing & Multimedia

Specialized in using the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to improve existing relationships and reach out to new consumers. Creative and out-of-the-box thinker always exploring new ways of approaching customers with understandings of how digital promotion approaches differ from traditional marketing. Highly experienced with art design and video production creating tailored marketing campaigns for the current Internet times with a focus on strong social media presence, branding, and continuous relationship with clients and potential consumers.

More than 12 Years Experience

Data Analytics & Business Projections

A Business Specialist centered-focus on using predictive analytics techniques, methodologies, and technologies towards forecasting, planning, and applying data science aggregation to turn data into useful insight. In the age of Big Data, where companies produce data and meta-data in ever-increasing amounts and in a variety of formats (and from a multitude of sources), predictive analytics is the competitive differentiator of tomorrow, in which my combined skillset in Business, Software Engineering, and Digital Marketing can provide immense edge advantages.

More than 7 Years Experience

Entrepreneur & Associated Partner

An Innovator with vast experience in entrepreneurship.

A Visionary with skills to anticipate needs and bringing new ideas to market. Specialized in enterprise-level B2B and B2C relationships, but with a special inclination for startups.

A Team Player who brings strong expertise to organizations on the aggregation of capital and labor in order to successfully invent, architecture, develop, and launch innovative goods, services, and/or strategies to produce a profit in these nowadays challenging, constantly changing business landscapes.

Leadership Highlights

A LEADER with a powerful blend of business and technology experiences, sharp collaborative senior IT visionary with practiced coaching and mentoring abilities; adept at building agile, high-performing global teams and organizations. Polished communication and presentation skills; accomplished at forging positive relationships with stakeholders across multiple enterprise levels, technical and non-technical, locally or overseas, also able to simultaneously wear multiple hats at mixed corporate levels when required.


  • A wide net of Information Technology knowledge and experiences
  • Agile Methodologies & Culture
  • Business & Technology Alignment
  • Short & Long-Range Strategic Planning
  • CapEx / OpEx Budget Management
  • Lean Practices & Cost Reductions
  • Application Development & Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Business Analytics & CRM Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Integration
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Employee Development
  • Organizational Development
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Creative Solutions
  • Key Client Relationships

Education Background

MA, System Analysis

Estácio de Sá University
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1989 – 1991

Introduction to established and evolving methodologies for the analysis, design, and development of an information system. Emphasis is placed on system characteristics, managing projects, prototyping, CASE/OOM tools, and systems development life cycle phases. A System Analyst Professional is able to analyze a problem and design an appropriate solution using a combination of tools and techniques.

MBA (EMBA), Computer Science

Estácio de Sá University
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1992 – 1993

Emphasis on executive skills development, quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques, and the knowledge and professional capabilities necessary for the execution of complex managerial duties in today’s global business environment. Thesis on the new teaching techniques for training, qualification, and education.

M.Eng. (System Engineering)

Castelo Branco University
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1995 – 1998

Engineering of computer software and hardware. Techniques for controlling complexity; strong modularity using client-server design, virtual memory, and threads; networks; atomicity and coordination of parallel activities; recovery and reliability; privacy, security, and encryption. Thesis on multiprocessor systems using FPGA and VHDL implementation for modern IoT.

MTech (Master of I.T. Science & Engineering)

Universidade Estadual de Campinas / UNICAMP
São Paulo (Brazil), 1999 - 2000

State-of-the-art hardware/software system development while maintaining awareness of contemporary issues in computer science and engineering in a global and societal context with an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities. Advanced techniques to demonstrate effective oral and written communication for team and projects management. Thesis on the internet software development and online system engineering, with research in new technologies and solutions for the future of wired and mobile implementations.

Marketing & Publicity

TV Globo Network and International Media Subsidiaries
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) & New York (USA)

Brand Image & Communication, Digital Media Strategies, Digital Content Creation, Curation, and Promotion with a focus on understanding the marketplace and economics of the digital world, entrepreneurial approach to thinking about new communication technologies, thinking about effective information techniques and flows for corporations, and understanding of cultural and national differences as they play out in the global corporate communication sector.

Professional Trajectory

My professional experiences transcend traditional “career models”...
35 years of accumulated experiences in business, technology, and digital marketing.

I have been lucky to have landed in multiple key positions through my career, including C-Level positions, creating opportunities for me to directly interact with incredible decision-making individuals and high-end specialized teams towards complex projects for highly demanding industries, across three different continents, challenging my potential to the fullest and expanding my skill set and professional acumen to unimaginable new horizons. A colorful career that emboldened me to entertain and navigate through many incredible opportunities, from consulting and contracts, all the way to invaluable partnerships and employment opportunities.

The timeline below is a small snapshot of some of the most relevant experiences that were instrumental for me to develop my long-range vision in terms of business strategies, plans and executions, either for startups or well-established enterprises, shaping my unique and expansive professional profile.

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Fluent speaking, reading, and writing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



96 %


90 %


86 %

Methods & Processes

92 %

Advanced Management


94 %

Products Development

85 %

Social Media

80 %


89 %

Digital Production



  • In more than one opportunity I worked together with the PHP Main Development Teams from the PHP Group identifying and proposing solutions for structural bugs and/or improvements that I’ve identified and reported. The most recent was a critical flaw affecting the block interpretation during language parsing into the constructors of the interpreter;
  • On many occasions, I’ve been involved with Linux Core Development discussions, including additional systems and specific distros (I.e.: KDE, Debian, etc.);
  • There are several valuable contributions and solutions of mine on a variety of subjects and technical questions in Stack Overflow and its parents’ sites;
  • As a hobbyist, I also participate with Quora in many scientific and correlated subjects.


  • MOODFIRED, a pseudo framework built in PHP that expands the OOP constraints to allow non-OOP static functions and libraries to seemingly integrate with other Frameworks, Classes, and objects without any modification, allowing old product migrations to take advantage of new technologies while staying fully functional during complex upgrading/revamping processes;
  • Enrouter, a re-routing system that allows a real-time granular level of URL rerouting and Verbs implementation for PHP that adds single-point control and firewalled access with new data handling and security advantages
  • Sherlock, a small library that tracks, traces, and display errors, warnings, and hidden server errors in PHP products to expedite debugging during RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • DBooster, direct-to-socket Database Access Layer for PHP and other languages that can simultaneously handle multiple database systems’ connections to manage and operate BigData without exploding the Server Memory or compromising performance
  • Insight, a small replacement for VARDUMP and PRINT_R that displays Data, Objects, Variables, and Arrays in the screen with collapsible options and data recognition for quick visualization during RAD


I am always involved with new projects and ideas not necessarily involving businesses or contracts. Most of the time it is the best way to try new things and stay up-to-date and fresh. However, every now and then some of those unpretentious projects gain relevance and become something more...


Feel free to reach out to me with business proposals, contract options, or a job offer. I am always willing to meet new people, learn about new projects. and entertain opportunities that may expand my network of connections and businesses.


Royal Oak, MI


(248) 828-6796


Fax: (248) 744-3350
Email: moc.ihcramoiluj@tcatnoc
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